Why we offer our Services

We at Separation Support understand the difficulty that you are faced with in parenting with someone you are disconnecting from, with all the hurt and anger that comes with that process. Our focus is on helping you through the emotional and parenting aspects of this process.

We recognise that separation is an extremely emotional and stressful time for you.  And yet, you may find that you are going through the devastation and turmoil on your own – feeling un-supported at the very time you need all the support you can get.

Your children’s adjustment to separation/divorce depends on how well you as parents manage it. This gives you as parent’s choice in how well your children will adjust to this new family arrangement.  But who is supporting you? Nobody is prepared for marital breakdown.  Nobody knows how to cope with it when it happens!

Some parents desperately hold onto the belief that children are not affected by their parents’ conflicts.  Sadly, this just isn’t true.  Unhappy parents make unhappy children, and every separation and divorce will take its toil unless some corrective steps are taken.

Divorce is a Family problem. The cruel irony of separation is that it creates in children greater emotional needs at preciously the moment their parents may be the least equipped to meet them. Children need both parents more than ever yet one may be less available emotionally, while the other is less available physically.

Unlike adults going through Separation and Divorce, children are not afforded the same opportunities to resolve their personal emotional issues. They depend on the care of parents and others for support and guidance in order to alleviate the stress and work through uncomfortable emotions. This is why we offer workshops and individual mentoring to children and teenagers. To give them personal space to voice their worries and concerns.

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