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When parents divorce, children experience a variety of emotions ranging from confusion, guilt, and abandonment to loneliness and uncertainty. At any age a child may not understand why parents separate and divorce.  A child or adolescent may also feel responsible, and be unsure of the future. We at Separation Support believe in giving children a voice in their new family situation. Sandcastles™ program endeavours to help children understand and cope with their feelings in a safe and supportive environment with other children who are experiencing divorce.


Sandcastles  strives to help children:

  • Understand their feelings are normal and that they are not alone.
  •  Express their thoughts and feelings productively in a safe, supportive environment.
  •  Begin to feel comfortable communicating with their parents and others about the divorce.
  • Understand how divorce affects them and learn skills to handle their reactions to it.
  • See problems differently and create coping strategies and solution-oriented skills that lend to life changes related and unrelated to divorce.
  • Understand that many types of families are possible.

For more information or to register your child(ren), contact:

Early registration is strongly recommended.   classes are limited by size and age. No registrations are accepted without payment.

This programme is about giving children a voice. and an opportunity to express their feelings.  One of the assumptions that adults make is expecting children to just state their feelings to us so that we can help them.  But serious, complicated feelings are never easy to express and discuss. The Sandcastles™ ™ ™  Program was developed in order to give children and teenagers an opportunity to explore their feelings but parents have to give them the right atmosphere and tools to do that.


Children participate in small, interactive groups with peers their own age. To make the Sandcastles™ experience comfortable and enriching, trained facilitators lead role playing videos, plays, group discussions, and workbook activities. In addition, some group create a poster featuring their original artwork and examples of activities of Sandcastles™ , including expressing emotions, family changes, and ideas of ways to reduce frustration and stress.

Additional Information

Separation Support offers Sandcastles™ for each age group several times a year.  Each group meets on a Saturday morning for approximately three hours, with parents participating for  the last 30 minutes.

For program dates, fees and additional info,  please contact:   ph: 086 4673252

Assurance to Parents

It is not the intent of the program or the group facilitators to place blame on any one parent. Rather, they provide a healthy atmosphere that encourages children to develop their own attitudes and solutions.

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