Helping your children cope with divorce

Possible benefits to you and your family of attending this course:

How parents react to each other during this stressful time can have long lasting implications for their children.  What parents need to bear in mind is that we model for them how to ‘be in relationship’.  We model for them how to how to interact and communicate with others. We show them by example how to manage conflict.  These are some of the crucial tasks of parenting.

Parents need to acknowledge that issues that were problematic during the marriage; in the areas of communication and conflict management don’t suddenly disappear.  A new way has to be found in order for the family to function in a healthier manner.

This workshop is a skills based interactive programme covering topics such as:

  • Divorce and its impact on the Family
  • Emotional Stages of Divorce
  • How to recognise how children get caught in the middle between parents
  • Understand how children at different ages respond to separation or divorce
  • Warning signs of stress at each age, and learn what parents can do to help their children cope
  • Understand the impact of conflict and anxiety on children, and how it affects their development
  • Develop constructive communication skills with the emphasis on reducing conflict
  • What we model our children through our communication/relationships/conflict management
  • Prepare a parenting plan – an agreement between parents about how they will raise their children going forward

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