This workshop runs from 10am 4pm. Break for lunch (one hour).Children In The Middle

Possible benefits to you and your family of attending this course:

The breakdown of a family unit is a devastating experience for all concerned.  While you can divorce your spouse, you cannot divorce your children. This leaves us with the dilemma of how to parent cooperatively with someone you are disconnecting from, with all the hurt and anger that comes with that process.  Some parents desperately hold onto the belief that children are not affected by their parents conflicts. Sadly, this just isn’t true. Unhappy homes make unhappy children, and every divorce will take its toil unless some corrective steps are taken.

This workshop offers professional expertise and guidance  in:

  • How parents can help their children
  • How to recognise how children get caught in the middle between parents
  • Understand how children at different ages respond to separation or divorce,
  • Warning signs of stress at each age, and learn what parents can do to help their children cope
  • Understand the impact of on-going parental conflict on children
  • Develop constructive communication skills with the emphasis on reducing conflict;
  • How to build a co-parenting relationship – even when you think you cant
  • Prepare a parenting plan – an agreement between parents about how they will raise their children going forward

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