Helping parents support their children through Separation/Divorce

Children In The Middle: Workshop

The breakdown of a family unit is a devastating experience for all concerned. While you can divorce your spouse

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Helping Your Children Cope With Divorce

How parents react to each other during this stressful time can have long lasting implications for their children.

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Individual One to One Mentoring

Perhaps being in a group does not appeal to you now. Maybe what you are looking for is a one to one conversation in private.

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Welcome To Seperation Support

Separation Support is an educational and mentoring service specialising in the area of supporting parents and children who are experiencing the process of family breakdown.

We offer individual mentoring, and group workshops/ courses to parents with the aim of helping them to understand the complexities of divorce and its impact on the family.

We offer age appropriate workshops and mentoring to children and teenagers.

Separation Support (exclusive) holds the only licence in Ireland to conduct the famous Sandcastles™ ™ programme for children who have experienced their parents divorce.

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